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Pioneers in developing technical engineers

Background of Foundation

Founder and Proprietor Kyozaburo Honjo , First President and Chairman of the Board of Trustees Yasushi Kataoka

Josho Gakuen Educational Foundation (hereinafter referred to as "Josho Gakuen" ) was founded on September 7, 1922 as Kansai Engineering Technical School by Kyozaburo Honjo, the founder and proprietor, after receiving approval for the establishment of the school from Osaka Governor Tokikazu Ikematsu and in collaboration with the following: Yasushi Kataoka, the first president and doctor of Engineering, Minoru Ikeda, chief of the Construction Department, Osaka Prefecture; Shigeharu Shima, chief of the Civil Engineering Department, Osaka Prefecture; Takujiro Nakamura, chief of the Building and Repairs Department, Osaka Prefecture; Rintaro Naoki, chief of the Urban Planning Division, Osaka City; Junichi Sawai, chief of the Waterworks Division, Osaka City; Hikaru Shimizu, chief engineer of the Railroad Division, Osaka City; Taisuke Okumura, director of the Civil Engineering Division, Osaka Prefecture; Kenichi Tagami, engineer of Osaka Prefecture; Kenkichi Sakaida, civil engineering director, Japan Electric Power System; Sutejiro Ono, executive managing director, Taisho Shintaku Co., Ltd; Michio Ohashi, druggist; and Chuzaburo Okazaki, auditor, Kansai Sekizai Co., ltd.

At that time, public awareness of the need for industrial education was low, and particularly in Osaka, where a strong focus was placed on commerce, there were few institutions that offered industrial education. In such a social context, the pioneer spirit of people involved is worth noting, as they acutely sensed the approach of the times where engineering technologists were desperately needed and boldly entered the field of industrial education, which had been considered the most difficult field for a private school to manage. After having overcome many hardships, Josho Gakuen grew into a group comprising Osaka Institute of Technology and its graduate school, Setsunan University and its graduate school, Hiroshima International University and its graduate school, Josho Gakuen Junior and Senior High School, Josho Keiko Gakuen Junior and Senior High School. Approximately 268,000 graduates of the Group schools, now play an important role in various fields of society.


Foundation of Josho Gakuen

Kansai Engineering Technical School was established
Kansai Engineering Foundation was established.
Kansai Advanced Engineering School was established.
Kansai Technical School (current "Josho Gakuen High School") was established.
Kansai Advanced Technical School (current "Osaka Institute of Technology") was established.
Kansai Advanced Technical School changed its name to Setsunan Advanced Technical School.
Setsunan Heavy Machinery Technical School established.
Setsunan Advanced Technical School changed its name to Setsunan Engineering Technical School (closed in 1951).
Setsunan Heavy Machinery Technical School changed its name to Setsunan Technical School (closed in 1951).
The corporate name was changed to Setunan Gakuen.
Kansai Technical School and Setsunan Technical School were integrated into Setsunan Gakuen High School.
Mechanical, Electrical, Architecture, and Civil Engineering Courses were launched.
Setsunan Gakuen Junior High School established (later the name was changed to Osaka Institute of Technology Junior High School, which closed in 1979).
Kansai Advanced Engineering School changed its name to Setsunan Institute of Engineering.
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